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Business Video
Sales Presentation Videos
Give your customer the whole story instead of a sound bite. A customized video heads off customer objections and identifies with their wants and needs. Use testimonials, charts, graphics, pictures, demonstrations and music to produce a powerful sales building tool.

Training Videos
A custom DVD can provide consistency in training programs. Through demonstrations, on site explanations and hands on examples, it allows you to cover a subject in greater detail.

Orientation Tapes
Orientation videos can be used to pre-qualify applicants before costly background checks and medical tests are implemented. It can also provide a new employee with a general overview of your organization, employee rules and company philosophy.

Safety Videos
Safety videos are an important asset to any safety program. Customized safety tapes hit home with information the employee can relate to. These tapes can increase employee understanding and transmit the same message to everyone.

Broadcast Video
Whether it's a 30 second commercial or a 30 minute infomercial, we can create a concept and presentation to showcase your product or service and deliver it to the masses.

Internet Services
We can transfer your existing footage to files for the Internet. You then can take it to your web designer for use on your website. As you know video is displayed in a small window when played through the Internet. We can shoot video specifically designed for Internet playback, so your images won't look like small ants on the screen.

Website Hosting
Through our national affiliation we are able to offer you a place to put your website. Our servers use the latest technologies at a great price. Give us a call so you can start enjoying the rewards of having your very own website on the world wide web.


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